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The Weekly Times Farmers Handbook, Ninth Edition

The Weekly Times Farmers Handbook, Ninth Edition

  • $3995

From its first printing in 1934, The Weekly Times Farmers Handbook has informed generations of farmers on the way of the land, with useful tips and invaluable advice.

Few farms would be without a well-thumbed copy.

After almost two decades since the last version, we are proud to present the ninth edition of the Farmers Handbook, completely revised with up-to-date information on all things farming, from livestock production, cropping, machinery and animal health to organic farming, beekeeping and home butchering.

Inside The Weekly Times Farmers Handbook

  • Livestock production including cattle, sheep, goats and pigs
  • Dairy production from rearing calves to choosing a breed
  • Caring for horses and dogs, as pets and farm workers
  • Guard animals including Maremmas, alpacas and donkeys
  • Livestock health including common problems, feeding and when to call a vet
  • Beekeeping and how to establish a hive
  • Soil nutrition, pasture management, weeds, erosion and tress
  • Cropping and hay
  • Farm machinery
  • Water, bores, dams and stock requirements
  • Farm infrastructure, fencing, driveways and sheds
  • Growing fruit and vegetables
  • Organic farming
  • Marketing and selling
  • Consultants and contractors
  • Home butchering

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